Micky Bells Pregnant & Beautiful

Micky Bells is pregnant and it looks like all her pregnancy weight has gone to her already huge tits! Look at that cleavage! Her breasts have swelled up to a massive 36L cup. (she thinks..) Afterall it’s hard to get an accurate measurement when your tits are this huge. She says she can still feel her boobs growing by the day. “It takes alot of effort to heft these girls into my bra in the morning.” Micky said during a recent interview with SCORELAND. Be careful Micky, you are going to need a wheelbarrow for those beautiful big breasts soon!

When you see Micky Bells pregnant you can see that she is slightly heavier than she was in the July 2015 issue of SCORE Magazine, but she is still as beautiful as ever. I just love her natural big breasts hanging out of her white bra. She is so sexy! Enjoy her preggo photos and check out the video clip here.

Micky Bells Pregnant Photos, Beautiful Huge Breasts

Busty Micky Bells with her Huge Tits Out

Micky Bells Huge Tits Popping Out of her Bra

Micky Bells Exposing Her Huge Natural Breasts

Natural Huge Breasts, Micky Bells Pregnant

All Natural Busty Micky Bells in her Oversized BraBusty Micky Bells Topless

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